Vigilant & Virtuous x CARDI

All of our pieces & designs feature ideas inspired by our past & present intended to speak to our market, you. Our clothing is personal to every customer, these 1 of 1 pieces are intended not only to be more sustainable but offer a higher quality item. All garments are eco-friendly & sustainable with recycled fabrics & natural dyes.

In life we meet others who are beaten, bruised & scarred from the battles they have faced in their past- the result is that the most unique people in life have lived,
and it’s because of that fact that we believe your clothing should have too.

Our prices are a reflection of design, product, and labor. Everything that we create is one of one. Each piece is an artistic masterpiece that isn’t duplicated or found anywhere else in the world. We take great pride in our work and in the art that we create.

Each piece is modeled by either Kendall (6'0) or Kaliyah (5'7).

Kendall (6'0) is shown wearing Aged Ikaria Bandana Denim (size 34), New Age Crew (size X-Large), and V&V Lounge Tee (size Large).


Kendall (6'0) is shown wearing Santa Fe Bandana Denim (size 35) and the Envy Hoodie (size Large).


Kendall (6'0) is shown wearing Aral Denim (size 33), Golgotha Crew (size Large), and Love Bullitt Tee (size Large).


Kendall (6'0) is shown wearing Dirt Traveler Denim (size 32) and J.D. Tee (size Medium).


Kendall (6'0) is shown wearing Birch Shorts (size 33).


Kaliyah (5'7) is shown wearing Bourdain Tee (size Medium).


Kaliyah (5'7) is shown wearing Rollins Hoodie (size Medium).


Kaliyah (5'7) is shown wearing Culprit Tee (size Medium).


The full Vigilant & Virtuous x CARDI collection is available only in-store at the Virginia Beach Cardi location.